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Targeted health and home care services supporting quality of life at home

All the employees that came to my home were polite, punctual and paid attention to detail. I was very happy with their service.

MS, Castle Hill, March 2018

The Vitalis Home Service which I received from 26th September to 20th October was OUTSTANDING.

The staff who came each morning (either Voni, Georgie, Kathleen, Sharon or Emil) were professional, gave excellent quality care and very useful advice to guide me in my recovery.

I appreciated the service – thank you so much – outstanding. Certainly better than another 3 weeks in hospital.

MD, Wahroonga, February 2018

I would like to thank the whole team of great professional nursing staff at Vitalis that cared for me during my recovery period at home. You guys made it so much easier!

TS, Terrey Hills, August 2018

Your nurses were extremely helpful in dressing my wounds (removal of lesion and skin graft) and performed this work most diligently. Thank you for your services!

RM, Normanhurst, April 2018

Service was excellent whilst travelling around Australia. A big thank you to all the nurses.

TP, Turramurra, February 2018

Very courteous and caring staff. They were most informative and if need be, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for their services again. With thanks!

CB, Eastwood, May 2018

Very pleased with care and service from all the staff that attended to my needs to set me on the path for my recovery from open heart surgery.

BW, Normanhurst, August 2018

The service provided by caring staff during a very difficult and confusing time for my mother was very comforting for her and for myself.

A wonderful service, that made it easier to care for Mum’s wounds and be reassured she was progressing well.

Mum was comforted by the nurses and I know this gave her reassurance.

JK, Warriewood, February 2018

I have been receiving treatment for 6 weeks, my last dressing was late January.

All your staff have been wonderful, caring and supportive – two of your nurses have visited me frequently, Kathleen and Georgie – they were both amazing!

Thank you for looking after me so well.

EO, St Ives, February 2018

I can’t speak highly enough of the care I received. Nurses were friendly aiming to relax the patient. Always punctual and gave notice of estimated time of arrival.

JC, Gordon, February 2018

The staff I welcomed to my home were unfailingly polite (even to removing shoes at the front door) friendly and efficient. The service is highly commendable.

DW, Killara, February 2018

Thank you for welcoming me to the Vitalis Hospital in the Home care when I was in the SAN. I was pleased to leave hospital with follow up daily visits to administer IV antibiotics through the PICC line and to provide other nursing services. Thank you for liaising with Dr Su and arranging the blood tests and results. All of the staff provided my care in a professional, warm and friendly manner. After 5 weeks I am now trialing oral medication and in some ways I will miss the care and attention I received from the nurses each day. I appreciate the way everyone has been so helpful and attentive, Please communicate my appreciation to them.

AK, Killara, July 2018

I was very impressed by the hospital-in-the-home care I received while on a PICC line. The nurses were kind, caring and friendly. What an incredible and fabulous service.

LG, St Ives, May 2018

Voni and her team were just amazing, caring, and gave me the best care. Thank you.

KR, Newport, February 2018

All nurses that attended my residence were very friendly, courteous, professional and well skilled. It made the whole experience much easier for me.

SS, St Ives, February 2018

Nurses were professional in approach and punctual. Office contact answered the call meeting requests promptly.

WS, Glenhaven, February 2018

I cannot speak highly enough of your nurses, they were all wonderful in every way. I so appreciated their care & support of my mother.

AE, Wahroonga, July 2017

I was in the hospital-in-the-home care of Vitalis for 2 weeks earlier this year for antibiotic infusion therapy. The staff coordination and care were excellent. The service was faultless and let me feel like a gaol prisoner allowed out on ‘bail’ on a daily basis. It also frees up beds and essential services for the other more needy patients. Well done! A great concept exceedingly well performed!

Dr JG, Palm Beach, February 2018

A huge thank you to you for arranging the in-home care with TPN, you don’t understand how much that meant to me.

Just being able to be at home in my own surroundings and with my husband meant the world to me.

All the girls that came were great and I loved chatting to them!

It’s definitely something I miss!

What you do is absolutely amazing!

Please keep doing what you do!

Tarryn, Belrose, June 2017

Cannot speak more highly of the service I have received – efficiency, kindness, reliability – you name it. Thank you.

BH, Bayview, February 2018

Thank you Vitalis team for the lovely and professional care I received. I interacted with a number of people in your team and everyone was so nice, easy to organise times with, and patient with my questions! A great relief to recover at home rather than hospital!

DC, West Pennant Hills, March 2018

I was a care recipient of your HITH program. The staff were prompt, courteous and friendly. Staff provided follow-up and direction for me when there was an issue that needed addressing. Staff displayed a genuine caring interest in my recovery process. Above all, staff were always professional which was reassuring.

AA, Guildford, August 2018

My great thanks to Voni and her team who cared for my wound after having my big toe removed. The visits were always on time, efficient and genuine care was always evident.

NJ, Warrawee, December 2017

Honestly, without the team at Vitalis our old man (Dad) would still be stuck in Rehab, in a cycle of pain, nightmares and delirium!

Bringing Dad home to us, and with the help of a specialised team including carers, a Physiotherapist and Registered Nurses we haven’t looked back! HOME CARE WORKS.

Dad of course is happy to be out of hospital, and that positive vibe continues here at home where his recovery is greatly improved through the Vitalis services. The team have improved our father’s health and well-being remarkably.

The whole team work together in ensuring Dad is always comfortable and respectfully cared for, even when he is his most stubborn. It’s like being in the best facility for the elderly, but inside your own home.

We can highly recommend Vitalis Home Care. They take the worry out of aged care for us all.

Simon, Curl Curl, November 2016

The nurses that tended to my care were very good. Very pleasant and a joy to have them.

RS, West Pennant Hills, February 2018

I could not be more pleased with the service, support, helpful advice and generally very friendly and efficient nursing which I grateful experienced.

I do not think there is any room for more improvement!

IB, St Ives, March 2018

The nurses that came to care for me were absolutely fantastic they always made me feel happy and gave me positive thoughts.

Would highly recommend this service to everyone. Couldn’t thank you enough for getting me out of hospital and into my new home.

AV, Avalon Beach, February 2018

I am writing to say how much I have appreciated the service that Vitalis offers. The two nurses who came to treat me in the home, as well as the manager, have provided exceptional attention to my medical problem. Having had this service has meant that I have been able to stay at home rather than the alternative of several days in the hospital. Thus a great deal of money has been saved and the inconvenience and often, the discontent of staying in hospital has been avoided.

LT, Lindfield, April 2018

The Vitalis staff were extremely professional and caring. I was fortunate to have Emil, Sharon & Georgie come to my home to administer intravenous antibiotics which allowed me to leave hospital 6 days earlier. I would highly recommend this service.

DL, Marsfield, July 2018

Thanks gals! I cannot too highly thank the team; compliment them on their efficiency, care and service.

They went beyond what was necessary to ensure I had all the ongoing antibiotics once the intravenous antibiotics had completed.

PT, St Ives, February 2018

The attention, the thorough care, the reliability has been exceptional, I think beyond the call of duty.

The staff who attended to me solved problems, made suggestions, were always available, always caring and were the backbone of my improvement.

BH, Bayview, February 2018

From the moment Vitalis came in contact with me I have never had better care, love and understanding. To Georgie, Sharon and Kathleen, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, you are truly a wonderful team. To be able to be at home with my family and heal for me was so much better than being in the hospital.

Also thanks to Emil for checking in with me. You are all truly the best professionals out there.

CF, Ermington, May 2018

After a hospital stay for treatment of a golden staph infection in my knee, I came home with a VAC pump and lots of anxiety. Each of the Vitalis nurses who visited was courteous, reassuring, and very competent. I would be happy to use Vitalis in the future should I have the need.

CB, Killara, August 2018

Thank you to all who helped in my stomach recovery. Emil organised the nursing care with professionalism, courtesy, care and kindness. All the nursing staff were punctual, pleasant and professional. I congratulate Vitalis for their great work.

BL, Killara, August 2018

Very efficient service. Staff are punctual, friendly and informative. Many thanks.

KW, Wahroonga, February 2018

First class professional home care – A1. All your nurses were very well trained. All visits were on time and nobody rushed their job, all due care required to my wound and dressing was given. Special mention to Kathleen and her advice on diet and nutrition. Invaluable!

PC, Mount Colah, May 2018

Excellent service! My cellulitis is now cured. IV penicillin given for 4-5 days.

Dr JR, Bayview, April 2018

The service I received over 2-3 weeks has been fantastic. Because of their attention and knowledge my wound healed very quickly – I would have no hesitation to recommend your services to anybody in the future.

JB, St Ives, March 2018

Vitalis were amazing! Professionally and courteous at all times. Thank you for going above and beyond when helping us with our health fund.

CB, Mount Colah, July 2018

I found the wound care service absolutely fantastic. the care, advice and love I received from all of the staff was second to none. Knowing they were looking after me was a godsend.

SH, St Ives, February 2018

I received incredible care and service from Vitalis – my nurse gave me his mobile and was on-call 24 hours – he also checked in regularly. Please keep up the great work – my surgeon was also incredibly impressed.

MP, Bondi, August 2018

Vitalis is the most wonderful service one could ask for when having to undergo a medical procedure requiring specialist nursing assistance.

Voni from Vitalis came to my apartment and changed the VAC Pack twice a week for more than 10 weeks.

Voni could not have been more caring and efficient and her wonderful personality ensured that everything was done in such a friendly manner. If there was a problem I would just text her and she would respond almost immediately.

Voni liaised with my doctor, the hospital and my private health fund to ensure I was getting the best deal possible.

Vitalis is to be highly recommended.

JH, Kirribilli, June 2017

This service was perfect for me coming home with a drain in. I was nervous but the nurses were excellent and really helpful. I am very grateful that I was able to receive this service.

JM, Dee Why, May 2018

My Vitalis care involved home wound dressings following abdominal surgery at the SAN.

I felt truly confident in the care given, especially with the Vitalis team advising my surgeon of complications as they occurred. Following two additional surgeries I was given the VAC therapy which aided in my recovery.

Having the home wound services took away so much stress on me and my family. An extended hospital stay would have been a nightmare for all of us.

Thank you VITALIS for the wonderful care.

DG, Mooney Mooney, February 2018

Just a quick note to say thank you, especially for the excellent nursing care I received from everyone.

The professionalism with which they carried out their home care was brilliant. While recovering from major surgery is never pleasant, they minimised any concerns I may have had.

I can highly recommend Vitalis to anyone requiring the best in home nursing care.

MF, Birchgrove, July 2017

The Hospital-in-the-Home nursing staff that visited me at home were absolutely wonderful. They were kind, compassionate and caring. I really can’t thank them enough. Thank you!

LC, Allambie Heights, July 2018

Discharge Support & Health Care Coordination Services

Helping people manage their health and transitions from hospital to home

There is considerable evidence that managing the transition from hospital to home is an essential part of patient recovery and return to good health.

Ineffective transitions can lead to an increase in unplanned readmissions and poor health outcomes. Conversely, research shows that discharge support services can significantly reduce readmission rates to hospital and improve wellbeing.

The problem is further exacerbated by the increasing prevalence and severity of chronic disease, which is the greatest indicator for readmission (Bayer 2009, Medicare 2004).

Working in collaboration with hospital discharge planners, specialists and GPs, Vitalis’ multidisciplinary team of registered nurses are specifically trained to provide phone-based, patient-centred discharge support services nationally across a range of conditions.

The service helps people:

  • Successfully transition from hospital to home
  • Understand and manage their short and longer term health needs
  • Manage their health service options

Vitalis provides a national service that supports thousands of people every year to successfully transition from hospital to home. Data is systematically collected and analysed to ensure program objectives are achieved.

Care Coordination & Navigation

For people with high and complex clinical and care needs, the Vitalis team also provides care coordination services to help people better manage their health and reduce avoidable hospitalisations.


Clinical Specialties

Vitalis’ experienced registered nurses provide a range of clinical specialties including:

  • Cardiac

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Urology

  • Diabetes
  • Oncology

  • Palliative Care

  • Maternity

  • Pulmonary

  • Rehabilitation

For more information, please contact us.


Specialist clinical care enabling hospital avoidance or early discharge

Hospital in the Home (also known as ‘HITH’ or ‘Hospital at Home’) enables patients with a range of common medical conditions to receive hospital-level care at home.

Patients who are assessed as suitable for HITH can be discharged earlier from hospital, or can avoid hospital altogether and receive the high-level clinical care they need at home.

In many instances, insurers will cover the cost of treatments provided by Vitalis HITH. Please contact us for more information on funding options.

Vitalis Hospital in the Home

Vitalis HITH is a private Hospital in the Home service accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) to provide acute clinical services in the patient’s home. Vitalis HITH is staffed by a team of highly specialised and credentialed Registered Nurses and staff doctors who are passionate about excellence in patient care.

Clinical treatments suitable for Vitalis HITH include:

  • IV antibiotics for treatment of cellulitis, community-acquired pneumonia, COPD, urinary tract and other common infections. Vitalis nurses can cannulate, or patients can be discharged with a PICC line in-situ
  • VAC dressings and other complex wound management. Vitalis HITH staff include wound consultants who can manage highly complex wounds, including debridement
  • Post operative drain care
  • Stoma care provided by Vitalis’ accredited stomal therapist

  • IV therapies including for DVTs, pulmonary embolisms and multiple sclerosis
  • Blood collection for pathology
  • Catheter care including routine changes of SPC and IDC catheters
  • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) management

Please contact us for more information or to enquire about other treatments successfully managed by Vitalis HITH. Currently servicing Sydney Metropolitan Area.


Download Vitalis HITH Brochure

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Vitalis Hospital in the Home Brochure


An integrated, digital physiotherapy program delivered in the comfort of your own home

REHAB+ is a unique rehabilitation program that combines cutting edge technology with AI-powered clinical oversight, enabling patients requiring hip or knee joint replacements to complete their rehabilitation in the comfort of their own home.

The integrated REHAB+ program enables eligible patients to avoid inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation altogether, using a combination of user-friendly technology with in-home and telephonic physio and nursing support.

Patients receive their own customised digital rehabilitation program, as prescribed by their treating specialist, with remote monitoring and guidance provided by our clinical teams.

REHAB+ delivers clinical outcomes equal to or better than traditional hospital-based rehabilitation, with higher levels of patient motivation and satisfaction.

REHAB+ is staffed by a team of highly experienced Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Nurses and staff doctors who are passionate about excellence in patient care.

Vitalis Care Rehabilitation

All Vitalis programs are accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

Vitalis works with a number of private health insurers to deliver this service to eligible patients in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, generally with no out-of-pocket costs.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or for details of participating health funds.


Download REHAB+ Brochure

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REHAB+ Brochure


Cancer treatments delivered in the comfort of your own home

Vitalis Chemotherapy in the Home (also known as ‘Chemo in the Home’ or ‘CITH’) gives eligible patients the choice, in consultation with their treating specialist, to have their treatment delivered in the comfort of their own home.

Chemo in the Home enables patients to reduce the inconvenience, number of days off work, travel time and costs, and time away from family associated with hospital-based treatment, without any compromise in the clinical safety or outcomes of their treatment.

Vitalis CITH is staffed by a team of highly experienced and chemotherapy-credentialed Registered Nurses and staff doctors who are passionate about excellence in patient care.

Vitalis Care Chemotherapy in the Home

Vitalis is accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) to provide acute clinical services in the patient’s home.

Vitalis works with a number of private health insurers to deliver this service to eligible patients in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, generally with no out-of-pocket costs.

Please contact us to find out if your treatment regime is suitable for CITH, for details of participating health funds, or with any questions you may have.

Vitalis St Leonards Clinic

The Vitalis Clinic provides a wide range of specialist clinical services including Complex Wound Care (including VAC dressings), Stoma Care, Catheter Care (including routine change of SPC and IDC catheters) and Infusion services.

The Vitalis Clinic is conveniently located on the corner of Chandos & Christie Streets, opposite St Leonards train station, close to Pacific Highway bus routes and with readily available 2 hour on street parking.

View map and location details here.

Enhanced Patient Well-Being and Cost Benefits

The Vitalis Clinic is staffed by a highly skilled team of Registered Nurses, including wound consultants and an accredited stomal therapist.

How to Refer

How to refer

We take referrals from:

  • hospitals

  • specialists

  • GPs

  • nursing homes

  • private patients

Referring doctors are consulted and provided with regular updates.