• Pursuing career opportunities where the work you do makes a tangible difference in the lives of the people you serve.
  • If Vitalis is the place for you? Does it have the culture, support and opportunities for both personal and professional growth now and into the future?

If that’s you, then welcome to your future with Vitalis.

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This is who we are

We are a company who care for our people. Vitalis enjoys an extremely low staff turnover and high staff loyalty. But that doesn’t come by chance. To join our organisation we need to make sure that you have the values, dreams and aspirations to match ours so that you and the organisation can thrive together. It’s this blended integration of passion, purpose and expertise that attracts talented people from a wide variety of clinical disciplines, who join us for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Our expertise — Vitalis culture is founded on the clinical rigour of our approach. The service we provide compares and (in many cases) surpasses levels expected in dedicated facilities. This is because the clinical and operational methodologies have been developed and refined by specialists with years of experience in intensive, emergency, palliative and post-operative care.
  • Support framework — We provide our staff with strong guidance and directional support including direct contact time with the Clinical Director, ongoing training, pastoral and emotional support.
  • We provide careers, not just a job — Our drive for purpose and meaning in all that we do as an organisation orientates staff toward career progression, not just a 9-5 job.
  • Our staff feel held — Being part of the Vitalis family means being part of a team that is passionate and inspired, strives for excellence in all areas, and receives organisational care and support.
  • We don’t judge — The Vitalis DNA can be found in people from all backgrounds, so we keep an open mind and an open heart to anyone who feels they can contribute, learn, excel and build a career at Vitalis.

To deliver exceptional service we must recruit exceptional caregivers for our clinical and care teams. To pass our rigorous recruitment and hiring process, staff must be fully qualified and trained, and be committed to continued education and training.

This is who you are

You want to work somewhere that informs and enhances your life. A place where your contribution really touches in a positive way in the lives of clients and their families.

  • You love having people around you who feel the same as you; intelligent and passionate people who are always exploring ways of being better than they were yesterday.
  • The opportunity to hone your skills and learn new ones, through continuing professional development and support is part of your personal career vision.
  • You take the long view. You can see that there is something very special happening at Vitalis and you want to be part of it, add your energy, talent and skill, and make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and their families.
  • And you can see that by committing to building excellence at Vitalis, and within yourself, that there is a rewarding future with enormous potential for career growth.

We are always looking and welcome applications from health and home care professionals who are caring, compassionate and have relevant experience.

If we’ve sparked your interest, we invite you to submit your resumé, or please contact us for an informal and confidential chat.

The process, what to expect

All candidates are interviewed by our clinical and/or home care managers with final approval needed from our directors. An essential part of our interview process is the practical application of Vitalis Golden Rule of Compassion: “Always care for others as you would like to be cared for, treat others with dignity, equity and respect” Our interviewers apply this rule, asking themselves, “Would I hire this person to care for my own family?” If they can all answer ‘yes’ with absolute confidence, you will be invited to join the Vitalis Health and Home Care team.

The recruitment process has several steps including:

  • Thorough interviews with relevant managers and directors.
  • Two or more validated references.
  • Practical application of Vitalis Golden Rule of Compassion.
  • Full screening including current police and immunisation checks.
  • Dedicated focus on continuing education and training.
  • Up to date First Aid Certificate for caregivers.
  • Registration check for qualified nurses.

If you are:

  • a Registered Nurse or an Enrolled Nurse
  • an Assistant-in-Nursing
  • a Caregiver

and you believe you meet our criteria, or feel that you and Vitalis would be a great fit, please complete the form below and attach your resume to begin your application process.

We will take a good look at your application and someone from our team will contact you regarding the next steps.

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